Success Stories


Below you will find a few success stories by real people. As with any good success story, there were a few bumps in the road, but they've made it to the finish line.

Cal Learn Graduates

Shaney and son - Cal Learn Graduate
Shaney - Cal Learn Graduate

A variety of Cal Learn clients have recently graduated from high school or received their GED and thank the Cal Learn program and their case managers for their success:

  •  Maricela, graduated with honor awards and 2 scholarships. She has a job and is going to Folsom Lake College in the fall.
  •  Laura, graduated with honor awards, gave the graduation speech and earned 2 scholarships. Also attending Folsom Lake College in the fall.
  •  Madalyn, graduated and finished during her son’s first year of life and overcame post-partum depression. “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my case manager, Tracy or the Cal Learn program.”
  •  Shaney, has been a Cal Learn client since October 2016; graduated with honors from Marconi Learning Center/Workforce Training High School and gave one of the speeches during the ceremony. She’s extremely grateful for Cal Learn the support Ivon, her Cal Learn case manager provided during her pregnancy and as a new mom. Ivon was able to attend her graduation.
  •  Erika - A previous Cal Learn graduate is currently attending Sacramento City College and working towards her degree in criminal justice with the ultimate goal of becoming a lawyer. She had her son when she was 15 and received Cal Learn services prior to graduating from High School. Our staff, Tracy was the case manager overseeing her case. Great job, Tracy!


Comments from WIC participant and Peer Counselor mom, Jazzlynnann stated about Tamar Lopez, WIC Nutrition Assistant I/Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. Part of Tamar’s role as a peer counselor is to keep in contact with expecting and new moms and provide resources to help new moms have a support system after delivery and successful breastfeeding experience:

“…The first time I spoke to Tamar, she said she would call me often and she was not kidding. Tamar gives me hope that I can breastfeed and she makes me feel comfortable. There are things I cannot share with my family but I feel comfortable sharing with Tamar. I was under a lot of stress because my doctor was going to induce my labor. Tamar recommended to do skin to skin after deliver and all will be calm. She was absolutely correct. All the things Tamar she said may happen after the first few days of birth did happen. Without Tamar, I may have given up breastfeeding when my son couldn’t latch on the first couple of days because of his tongue-tied.”

Comments from a participant returning a breast pump:

“My experience was great. The lactation consultant Karen was very patient and extremely helpful. Her sincerity made me very comfortable and more eager and excited to continue breastfeeding more and more determined to prolong even though I’m returning to work. She really motivated and encouraged me with her expertise and support. Thanks so much Karen!”

CRP was among the 2017 Award Recipient from the Sacramento Breastfeeding Coalition in May 2017


Community Resource Project, Inc. has several locations in Sacramento and supports breastfeeding employees in each location.

When I first got hired by CRP 2 years ago, I felt like I was “the new girl” and afraid to mention I had a newborn because of fear of getting fired, but the Staff at CRP WIC educated me on my rights and supported me every step of the way, helping me to get a good pump to bring my milk  supply back. When possible I was able to have my son brought to me during a longer lunchbreak so that we could bond and he could get his lunch straight from the source. My son is now 2 years old, and breastfed up until the time I became pregnant with my current breastfed baby.

Francisca Garcia

CRP WIC receives the WIC Nugget Award awarded at Annual Breastfeeding Summit 2017

CRP WIC receives the WIC Nugget Award awarded at Annual Breastfeeding Summit 2017