Water Saving Measures


WATER Saving Measures for Your Home  

Community Resource Project, Inc. (CRP) is now proud to provide measures that can help save on your water bill and improve your family’s quality of life.

Water efficiency in the home is all about using less water to create the same (and often improved) result from your appliances. Water efficiency is beneficial to the environment as well as to your family, and that is why CRP has received the necessary funds to provide BRAND NEW water saving appliances and fixtures to homes that qualify.

  • Residents who qualify for CRP’s weatherization program may also qualify for the following water saving measures:
  • Energy and Water Efficient Dishwashers
  • Energy and Water Efficient Clothes Washers
  • Energy and Water Efficient Water Heaters
  • Water Saving Fixtures (Low Flow Showerheads, Aerators)

For more information, please call (916) 567-5220