Utility Assistance


Providing utility bill assistance to those in the most need.

CRP's utility assistance department utilizes government and utility grants to provide payments towards energy bills to those who are income-qualified in Sacramento, Yuba and Sutter County. 


The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a utility payment program that can offer income-eligible residents of Sacramento, Sutter, and Yuba counties a credit to their energy bill(s). HEAP is available to customers of PG&E, SMUD, and those who heat their homes using wood, propane, or oil purchased from a vendor. Along with the credit, clients will receive valuable information about energy conservation and practical tips on how to save energy and keep their utility bills at a manageable level.

Priority for HEAP services is given to applicants that meet the following criteria

  • Are income qualified
  • Have a high energy burden (the percentage of the household income that is spent on the energy bill(s))
  • Have a member of the household that is part of a vulnerable population (i.e. seniors over 60 years of age, disabled persons, and children under 5 years of age)

HEAP assistance is calculated based on household size, household income, and the percentage of income spent on energy bills, known as the energy burden.

Other factors considered include funding availability and the cost of energy within the county where the household resides. HEAP provides one payment, typically ranging from $300-$600 every 12 months.

Processing of your credit can take 8-12 weeks from the time you apply, which varies based on applicant volume. If you receive a HEAP credit, you are still responsible for paying your utility bill while the credit is being processed.



CRP's utility assistance program is only available to households in Sacramento, Sutter, or Yuba county whose resident meets the requirements listed below:

  • Are considered low income (see income guidelines below)
  • Have a valid social security card/social security number
  • Provide current income verification (pay stubs for the previous 6 weeks)
  • Present ID such as a driver's license, California ID, and/or valid US identification
  • Provide copies of all current utility bill(s)

Income Guidelines 2024

Number of Persons in Household Monthly Income Up To
1 $2,882.83
2 $3,769.83
3 $4,656.83
4 $5,543.92
5 $6,430.92
6 $7,317.92
7 $7,484.25
8 $7,650.58
9 $7,816.92
10 $7,983.17

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