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TECH Clean California

TECH Clean California is a $120 million initiative designed to help advance the state’s mission to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. The goal is to accelerate the adoption of low-emissions space and water heating technologies for existing single and multifamily homes across California—a notable source of the state’s carbon footprint.

TECH Clean California makes clean heating technologies accessible to more Californians, with a focus on low-income residents, who are disproportionately affected by air pollution and energy costs. 40% of the program benefits are targeted toward low- income and disadvantaged communities.

As a result of California SB 1477, TECH Clean California is funded by California gas corporation ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission and with partnerships with utilities, local governments, supply chain and market partners and other organizations.

CRP is an organization collaborating on this initiative focused on the disadvantaged communities by leveraging its energy efficiency programs for delivering greater benefits to these residents. We will incorporate our weatherization funding, where appropriate, to include these new technologies to further reduce GHGs, enhance comfortability in homes, and reduce the energy burden that many families are experiencing. 

Many possibilities exist for our Sacramento region communities through this initiative and CRP will certainly be engaged in educating our communities, small business and minority contractors, providing training opportunities to individuals wanting to enter this field of work.

For more information about TECH Clean California, visit Make the Switch to an All-Electric | Switch is On

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